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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, ANTHONY McLEMORE who was born in Alabama on January 10, 1971 and passed away on August 20, 2002 at the age of 31. We will remember him forever.
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Condolence  / Cindy Boyer (none, I just wanted to offer some comfort )
Dear Sylvia, I'm very sorry to read of the tragic loss of your beloved son Anthony, and I want to offer my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. Please don’t be offended that I’m writing to you, since I don’t know you; but I&rs...  Continue >>
I Am Free   / Sylvia Vaughn (Mother)
Don't grieve for me..for now I'm free..I'm following the path God laid for me I took His hand when I heard Him call.. I turned my back and left it all. I could not stay another day.. to laugh.. to love.. to work or play. Tasks left undone.. must s...  Continue >>
39 years ago today   / Mama
39 Years ago today I was in the hospital in labor .Your Aunts Polly and Patty were there with me as was your Daddy ...Nonnie ...Granny ...Duck & Doll and Billy Joe ..but the only ones I wanted there were Polly and Patty as they kept me laughing while...  Continue >>
Upcoming Angelversary Blessings   / Shaye Creamer ^i^Mack's Mom~Love U. (Angels in Heaven )
  Keeping you forever in my heart thoughts and prayers. God Bless you! Love you Angel Anthony! Send your Mom some extra special signs/Blessings from Heaven this Angelversary! xo Always Shaye Mack's Mom Forever www.kenneth-creamer.memory-of....  Continue >>
It Hurts ~ By Lyndie Sorenson   / Sylvia Vaughn (Mama)
It hurts that he's not with me
It hurts that I'm not there
It hurts to know it's years now...
It's totally unfair

It hurts when I keep moving
It hurts when I deny
It hurts that I keep hiding...
Each tea...  Continue >>
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His legacy
The Long Forever  
The Long Forever

You left us so quickly’
there were no good byes.
How long this forever,
your death and our lives.

The sadness, the anger,
the loneliness of three,
preferring four always,
how small, this new we.

Genesse Bourdeau Gentry
From Stars in the Deepest Night
~After the Death of Child

Tony was a "surprise" Baby !  
Im march of 1970 I went to see my family Dr. because I had a urinary tract 
infection. At that time the Dr. informed me that I would never have children
because " things were not normal inside me ". So that night I stopped my birth control pills , no need to take them I thought .
My husband and I had wanted children but weren't ready to start our family just then , was the reason I had been on the pill.
Imagine our surprise when in April I went back to the Dr. for a recheck on the infection and the following morning the Dr. called me to tell me I was pregnant !!! But that I would have to see a specialist as he was sure it was going to be a really difficult pregnancy .
I went to the specialist and he agreed with my family Dr. but was willing to do my prenatal care and delivery .
Boy were they both wrong ! Except for a little morning sickness I had a easy pregnancy , It was a wonderful time in my life .
At this time we lived in Waxahatchie ,Texas and my husband worked in Arlington ,Texas for LTD Aerospace .
He had spent 4 years in the Marines and did 2 tours in Viet Nam came home and we married and moved to Texas because that job was paying much more than he could earn here in Alabama.
But the War was ending and the goverment needed fewer and fewer planes and helicopters so my husband got laid off at LTD.
He found another job in Ft Worth at General Dynamics , but soon that too played out , so here we are in Texas with no jobs to be found so we decided to move back home to Alabama to be with our families and , I'm
7 months pregnant by now .
When we got home to Alabama , my husband found a job in nearby 
Fayetteville , Tennessee at an air conditioning factory , that solved that problem , but now I couldn't find a Dr. willing to take a patient in a high risk pregnancy and already 7 months along .
My Mother-in-law called her family Dr. and explained our suituation and he agreed to take care of me .
That Dr. was Dr. Douglas Holt in Athens , Alabama and he was wonderful!!
I went into labor on Friday night on January 8 ,1971 and the labor was a long one ,Anthony Ryan McLemore was born nearly 36 hours later on January 10 , 1971. He was absolutely perfect and when i looked at him for the first time , after counting fingers and toes :) , I knew that he was the most beautiful baby in the world ! What a wonderful surprise he turned out to be !!!!!! I smile as I remember my terror of letting something happen to my precious baby but I did as all new young mothers do ,I learned as I went and with a lot of help from my Mom , Mother-in-law and two of Tony's aunts he grew up with only the few cuts and scrapes that most children get during childhood .
But long after he became a man , he met an EVIL man that he considered 
a good friend and this EVIL .wove his way into the core of our family 
then MURDERED our precious Tony .
WHY ?? This is what I pray to learn every day ,but have realized that I will never know ,as only that EVIL JOHN DAVID BROWN knows and he just 
tells unbelieveable lies . How can a man say that he was afraid of his best friend who was unarmed , while he out weighed Tony by almost 100 lbs
yet he picked up a 20 gauge shotgun ( to make things even worse ,the shotgun belonged to my husband )and shot my beautiful son in the face 
with it .
Many people have told me that he was jealous of Tony , because Tony had nice things and Brown didn't even own a car while Tony had 2 nice ones, but Tony earned those things 
he worked a hazardous job and earned them himself , while Brown was 
a lazy ,bum and lived off other people ( Tony and my family being a big part of those idiots that allowed him to bum )
I just will never understand how he could have murdered our Tony after
all the nice things we did for him , many times allowing him to live with us between his sporatic jobs  and letting him use our cars while we furnished the gas even .
Any way this was just to tell people about * OUR WONDERFUL SURPRISE 
Sylvia Vaughn ~~ Tony's Mom Forever
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